About Yvonne

A little something about me

I developed an interest and belief in people overcoming obstacles and emotional difficulties at an early age. I became aware of how traumatic life experiences can shape the course of people’s lives but equally I saw signs that people can endure and survive terrible adversity.

Victor Frankl’s work is a testament to this and provided a context for me as I evolved as a young person and a professional psychologist. The central focus for me became love and my belief in people’s capacity to embrace their lives fully with purpose and meaning.

My work revolves around being friendly, disciplined and organized yet flexible. I approach my patients and help them resolve their emotional issues of the past and the present, to open the door to a brighter and confident future.

I am deeply committed to assisting individuals to reach their full potential, establish nurturing relationships and embrace a more purposeful and meaningful quality of life.

Yvonne Rooney

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